Irfaan Ali urges supporters to remain calm


Please see below full statement issued Saturday night by PPP Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali.

I wish to commend the people of Guyana for their unrelenting commitment to maintain respect for our democracy and the inalienable right of Guyanese to elect a government of their choice. To our supporters, I wish to urge you to remain calm and respectful for the established processes.

As a law-abiding party, we have activated legal recourses to halt the attempted efforts by David Granger and some operatives of GECOM to manipulate the elections results for Reg 4 and to illegally seize power.

The statutory procedures were followed in nine regions to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, yet it was varied in Reg 4. There is no other conclusion than an attempt to rig the elections is in play.

We urge patience from the people of Guyana, our supporters to be calm, alert and await guidance from your party.

Our democracy is in peril, but I have confidence that our judicial process will put it back on course with the statutory tabulation of the Reg 4 SOP’s. I believe this is not a time for divisiveness or rhetoric which can harm the fabric of our democracy. I urge restraint.

The people of Guyana, particularly our supporters, are not alone in the defence of our electoral process. The international community and persons of all backgrounds at home are making their voices heard resoundingly in support of our collective desire for free and fair elections.

We are together in this struggle and I commit to you that we will not rest or waiver until your rights and votes in these elections are counted and represent your true will.

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