Stores burglarised, vandalised in Rosignol


As protest action continued Friday evening along several communities on the West Coast of Berbice, attackers turned their attention to burglarising at least two businesses at Rosignol, among them Homeline Furnishing and a Digicel Store.

There were reports of attempts on other stores in the area.

The owner of Homeline Furnishing Fazeena Mobarakhali told the News Room that her security guard was beaten and was forced to hand over the keys to the building.

The guard said the attackers were masked and armed with cutlasses, wood and crowbars.

She said they watched in agony from surveillance footage as the men destroyed sections of the store and carted off with flat-screen televisions as well as a number of cellphones.

The entire cellphone department was destroyed, a number of smart television sets were stolen, and several sections of the store were damaged.

Mobarakhali noted she is unable to put the value to her loses but it would range in the millions.

The Digicel store which was also burglarised

The businesswoman is fearful of the current state of affairs and the future for business in Guyana.

Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer of Digicel Vidya Sanichara confirmed to the News Room that the Rosignol Branch was looted, however, she said no staff was injured and they are currently assessing the losses.

The News Room understands a number of items were stolen and the store was left with its door ajar.

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