The Citizenship Initiative maintains call for Region Four verification to resume


The Citizenship Initiative (TCI), one of the new parties which contested the March 02 polls on Sunday maintained its call for the verification process of Statements of Poll from Region Four to be verified before a winner of the elections could be declared by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM).

“The Citizenship Initiative remains steadfast in doing our duties to ensure the results are free and fair and that the will of the people is respected regardless of which party wins,” the Party said in a statement.

TCI said there were attempts to discredit the small parties push for the verification with the contention that the small parties could not possibly have obtained all the Statements of Poll and was relying on the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

The Citizenship Initiative said that it obtained its Statements through its members, family and trusted friends.

“This was done by taking pictures of the Statements of Polls at various polling places around the country.

“As most may already know it is required by law for the SOP to be displayed publicly after the ballots are counted following the close of polls.”

The Citizenship Initiative said it obtained over 200 SOP’s for Region Four and were at GECOM’s Region 4 command centre to verify those through its Presidential Candidate, Rondha Ann Lam.

“In conjunction with all parties, we remain resolute that the process of verification should resume,” TCI said, while noting that it retains its independence to pronounce and operate independently of all parties with directions from its leader and executive body.

TCI said remains guided by the law and respectfully await the ruling of Chief Justice Roxanne George. The Chief Justice will next Tuesday begin hearing a case whether to direct the Returning Officer of Region Four to resume the verification process.

“Her ruling will determine what’s next for all involved,” TCI stated.

The Citizenship Initiative repeated its call for Guyanese both locally and abroad to let peace prevail and to let the rule of law take its course.

“We accept that persons are anxious but there are many peaceful avenues to make lawful challenges.

“We urge that you allow this process to be completed and that we let peace prevail.”

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