Amna Ally urges respect for GECOM and the Court


See below full statement issued by  PNCR General Secretary, Amna Ally:


The People’s National Congress Reform ( PNCR) calls on all Guyanese to remain calm and to desist from any activity which can lead to the heightening of tensions in our society.

The PNCR notes with great concern the intimidation and fear tactics unleashed by the PPP at the offices of the Returning Officer for District Number Four and condemns the storming of GECOM’s offices by the PPP. The Party also condemns the violence unleashed on innocent school children, women, citizens and police officers in many of our villages.

We wish to remind all Guyanese that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is an independent Constitutional agency and it must be allowed to do its work without political interference or intimidation.

Everyone who has followed elections in Guyana knows that District Four is the most populous and has the largest number of electors. This District/Region is the home of the PNCR’s political base and has always voted solidly for the PNCR (which is a major partner in the six-party coalition, APNU+AFC). This region has never been won by the PPP. All objective political observers knew that we (APNU+AFC) would win this district handsomely.

In the 2015 elections, 412,012 electors voted; in 2020 with an increase in population and new electors captured by the house-to-house registration this total increased to 473,352 electors. From the numbers released by GECOM, APNU+AFC secured 237,004 of the votes cast and the PPP 229,344.

It is clear that the PPP will continue with its false narrative pertaining to the declared results from District Four and the work of the Elections Commission; we must see this for what it is – a drowning man clutching at a straw.

The PNCR calls on all of our members and supporters to remain calm as we await the decision of the Court and the final declaration of the elections results by GECOM.

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