Coalition says democracy has prevailed


See below full statement issued by the APNU+AFC:

APNU+AFC Media Release

For immediate release

Saturday, March 14, 2020

APNU+AFC statement on GECOM declaration of District 4 results

The APNU+AFC Coalition notes that 11 days after the holding of General and Regional Elections, the Guyana Elections Commission has been allowed to do its work, complete the tabulation of results for District 4 and declare the results for regional and general elections in the district.

The District 4 declarations now pave the way for GECOM to make a full and final declaration of the elections held in all ten electoral districts.

The APNU+AFC Coalition commends the staff of GECOM for their strength and fortitude in the face of intimidation, threats, attacks and assault. Democracy in Guyana has prevailed even as it came under threat by forces bent on derailing the process.

The APNU+AFC now calls on all political leaders to demonstrate maturity. The Coalition salutes the people of Guyana for keeping the peace and remaining calm and urges that this continues.

Democracy and the rule of law have prevailed.

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