CARICOM recount team leaving Guyana


The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) high-level team flown in to supervise a national recount of ballots cast on March 02 are due to depart Guyana imminently after a government candidate in the elections sought an injunction blocking the recount.

The Independent High-Level team were: Ms Angela Taylor, Chief Electoral Officer, Barbados; Mr Anthony Boatswain, former Finance Minister, Grenada; Ms Francine Baron, Chair of the Team and former Attorney General and Foreign Minister, Dominica; Ms Fern Nacis-Scope, Chief Elections Officer, Trinidad and Tobago; Ms Cynthia Barrow-Giles, Senior Lecturer, Department of Government, UWI.

The departure of the team was confirmed by Sase Gunraj, a GECOM Commissioner. The team met with GECOM before leaving.

Gunraj said the head of the team had very strong words for Guyana, saying the country is in a very precarious situation.

Gunraj said that unless there is deep-seated maturity on the part of the country’s leaders, Guyana is one step away from descending into mayhem.

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