Seebarran eager for more “seat time” to bolster Radical career


By Akeem Greene  

Despite being part of just one competitive Radical racing event to date, Guyanese Raymond Seebarran is hungry for more action behind the SR3 Radical.

The 23-year-old made his official debut last weekend in Barbados at the first round of the 2020 Championship at Bushy Park Circuit.

Against a seasoned pack of competitors, including British F4 champion Zane Maloney, Seebarran qualified in ninth. He eventually finished seventh in the race, gaining eight points.

Racing under team Fast Parts, Seebarran did not participate in the next two races since his teammates had to use his machine to compete.

However, Seebarran views the outing as a welcome experience in the embryonic stages of what he hopes to be a fulfilling career.

“The first time I saw the Radical in action, I knew I had to get myself into one of those because they are fast and very swift machines and I knew I was capable of competing in one of those; it is a huge difference to the Street Tuner I compete in Guyana because it is a lot faster and you have to brake a lot later and corner a lot faster and the competition is a lot more intense.”

He added, “My weekend was not that great because I was unable to put down the lap times I did in practice session; I was way off the race pace and most importantly I need a lot more seat time to get familiar with the type of car.”

Raymond Seebarran wants more time behind the wheel ahead of his next race meet

Seebarran, who has been engaged in racing since age nine via exploits in Go-Karts, says it was a valuable experience competing against the class of 16-year-old Maloney, who won all three races and managed to write some new records.

“I have seen him drive, he is very fast, a very competitive driver and I learnt a lot from watching him and the other competitors on the track which helped me gain a lot of experience just by seeing what they do and I know I can be up to par once I get more seat time.”

Seebarran explained it was performances of being one of the top Street Tuner drivers in Guyana that helped to secure him a spot on Team Fast Parts.

However, he was adamant that he will still compete in Street Tuner when given the opportunity, but a deep focus is currently on Radicals.

Based on the schedule, Caribbean Radical action will now head to the Frankie Boodram International Raceway, Wallerfield, Trinidad, on June 28 and July 19.

On August 29-30, action moves back to Bushy Park, Barbados, followed by the conclusion on Nov 7-8 at South Dakota Circuit in Guyana.

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