We Stand United CC members receive uniforms, other equipment


Members of the We Stand United Cycle Club (WSUCC) were recently presented with new uniforms along with other equipment as the club seeks to continue supporting its members.

Owner of the Club, Horace Burrowes, procured the custom made uniforms, tyres, tubes and chains in his adopted homeland and the items were presented to the members by WSUC President, Franklin Wilson.

In handing over the items to the members, including leading local cyclists Briton John, as well as seasoned campaigners and Club Co-Captains Warren ‘Forty’ McKay and Raymond ‘Steely’ Newton, Wilson expressed sincere gratitude to Burrowes for his continued commitment towards the individual and collective development of the club.

“Mr. Burrowes has shown tangible, unflinching support towards this club over the years and we must express gratitude to him and his family for their continued support. It is now up to you as cyclists to show gratitude by being the best you can possibly be when you take to the road and track to showcase your talent.”

“This sport is not a cheap sport and we are all aware of what it takes financially to equip each riders to be able to perform. So we are thankful to Horace once again for being the backbone for this club over the years. We have some exciting young riders and we intend to give each of you the opportunity to shine for yourself and country.”

Wilson encouraged the cyclists to be very disciplined and follow the advice of the Ministry of Health during these testing time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Both McKay and Newton echoed Wilson’s sentiments as regards the coronavirus and implored upon the riders the need to protect themselves at all costs. They were also encouraged to equip their cycles with the necessary items that would allow them to be safe when riding the roadways and to look out for each other.

Burrowes, who spoke with the members via the clubs WhatsApp group, said that he was more than happy to have to be able to continue supporting the clubs and especially the young riders whom he would continue to support.

“We are happy to have some exciting and talented cyclists who I would continue to invest in to see them excel for themselves and our country. They need the help and I am committed to assisting, something I have been doing for some years now, it’s a sport that I dearly love and would continue give my all to see these guys do well. I must also say that we have some very experienced and dedicated stalwarts the likes of our co-captains and their experience would serve this club well.”

The Co-Captains also expressed thanks to Burrowes for his commitment towards the club and each rider, noting that he has been advising and working with them when it comes to training the club members. WSUCC will also be focusing on the holistic development of its members.

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