Guyanese who arrived from Barbados being quarantined on highway


The group of Guyanese who arrived from Barbados via a chartered flight are being quarantined at a location on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, the News Room has learnt, as health authorities look to ensure they are free of the coronavirus COVID-19.

The group, consisting of 14 adults and three children, were whisked away in a bus with Police escort to the quarantine facilities. The News Room will not reveal the exact location.

Some of the passengers told the News Room that they were told that once they agreed to return to Guyana they will be placed under quarantine, but they expressed frustration with the way they were treated. They said they were not told where they were going or what the quarantine arrangements would be.

While they said that the health authorities seem to be trying their best, they were apparently not aware that children were among the group.

The News Room understands that a full list with the passengers and their age groups were provided to the authorities here. The facility caters for separate sleeping arrangements for males and females.

News Room understands that the facilities were hastily prepared today once the flight was cleared to land. The flight arrived at the Ogle airport, East Coast Demerara just before 19:00 hrs Wednesday.

Some of those who arrived were students while others were on vacation.

They were stranded in Barbados for several days given the closure of airports in Guyana and Barbados as measures are implemented to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

One of the passengers arranged the charter with Trans Guyana and they pooled to pay the cost. The flight was able to enter Guyana after the passengers petitioned the Guyana Consulate in Barbados and the Civil Aviation authorities in Guyana.

The passengers said when they got off the aircraft, their body temperature was checked and there was no concern raised about any of them.

Once that was done, they said they were simply told to “get on the bus.” The bus was outside waiting for them and they were not allowed to see their relatives and friends who were desperately awaiting the arrival.

The relatives were given no information as to where their loved ones were being taken or how they would be cared for.

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