Only Supermarket, Pharmacy will remain open at Giftland Mall from April 1


The Giftland Mall will be closed on April 1 until further notice to safeguard customers and staff from the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Mall has 110 concessions that offer a variety of services.

However, only the Food Maxx Supermarket and the Shopper’s Pharmacy on the ground floor will remain open with strict guidelines for customers.

“It is groceries and it is medicine, we still want to keep those avenues open to the public,” Administrative Manager of the Mall, Devindra Deonarine told the News Room Friday.

Before entering the supermarket or pharmacy customers will have to sanitize, there will be markings on the floors for persons to keep their distance and the two entities will be required to conduct a thorough cleaning and sanitization exercise.

To alleviate the impact of temporary unemployment after the closure of the mall, Deonarine said the supermarket will have a rotation shift for some of the employees.

The Giftland Group has three concessions of its own that employ over 300 persons.

“The Food Maxx is part of the Giftland Group and that remains open, we will try to give as much employees work there and at least keep an income for much of the employees as we can,” Deonarine said.

Deonarine noted it is the mall’s social responsibility to abide by the recommended guidelines by the Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to stop the spread of COVID-19.

During the month of April, the management of the mall will be assessing the situation to decide when it can reopen again.

Meanwhile, all other concessions will not be required to pay rent during the closure of the mall.

Some of them have already closed their doors and the mall also reduced its operating hours. About 30 sanitizing stations were installed around the mall.

It was also noted that the supermarket is now offering a pickup and delivery service for all shopping needs.

Persons interested can send their grocery list to only cash and delivery charges will apply; all ATMS at the mall will also be accessible.

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