Canada warns Guyana about illegitimate Gov’t


A senior Canadian Government official has made it clear that the country will not recognise a Government that does not reflect the will of the Guyanese people.

Michael Grant, the Deputy Director and Senior Analyst at Global Affairs Canada tweeted on his official account Friday that Canada is monitoring the situation in Guyana closely.

Grant said Canada believes that a recount of the ballots cast on March 2 is necessary.

“We’re monitoring closely the legal proceedings related to Guyana’s elections. We believe a recount of the ballots is necessary to ensure every vote is counted.

“The will of the people must be respected for Canada to recognize the legitimacy of a duly elected government,” Grant tweeted.

The results from the elections continue to be marred in controversy since the declaration of votes in Guyana’s largest voting district – Region Four – was deemed to be fraudulent by opposition parties, international elections observers and foreign powers here.

The EU, US, UK have all threatened sanctions against Guyana if a President is sworn in on the basis of fraudulent results.

An agreement between the Opposition Leader and the incumbent President for a CARICOM supervised national recount of votes has since been blocked by the High Court following an injunction filed by one of the President’s own candidates.

This matter is still engaging the attention of the court.

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