Berbice Cricket Board postpones season until further notice


As Guyana joins the global fight against the coronavirus, the Berbice Cricket Board has implemented measures to curb the spread of the disease, by putting on hold all on-field cricket related activities until further notice.

President of the Board, Hilbert Foster, in a statement issued on Sunday, said the work of the Board will continue administratively with a special project in the pipeline.

Below is the full statement issued by Foster.

The cricket season is now officially closed until further notice due to the coronavirus, but we are still working behind the scene to develop Berbice Cricket. The BCB would like to have an official flag and emblem for Berbice Cricket and would like to invite all Berbicians to join in the effort.

The Board hereby invites the general public to submit drawings for the flag and emblem. The flag should involve colours that represent the culture of Berbice and its rich history. The flag would be flown at all finals and board events. The emblem would be placed on our letterhead, on all BCB Inter-county caps and souvenirs etc.

Members of the public have until April 30 to submit their drawings and the winner of both competitions would win an attractive financial prize, trophy and medal.

Please send your drawing along with your name, address and telephone number to the board office at Dr. Cheddi Jagan Street, New Amsterdam.

The BCB would be very grateful if all clubs, cricketers, club officials who read this notice can share it so that a wide cross section of people can submit entries. Please join hands with us as we seek to develop our cricket even more.

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