CWI President calls for united fight against COVID-19


Cricket West Indies (CWI) President Ricky Skerritt has called for a united fight against COVID-19, which has put a halt to all on-field cricket-related activities globally.

On Monday, CWI issued the President’s statement, which urged players to “do your best to be fit, healthy, and ready when you get the green light to return to play.”

Below is the full statement.

Dear Cricket Lovers and Members of the West Indies Family,

As lovers of this remarkable sport called cricket, there is nothing we all enjoy more than getting outdoors and watching a great game; witnessing an enthralling battle between bat and ball and seeing our favorite players and teams rise to glory as we join each other in celebration. And if we cannot be there in person, we find every possible way to see or hear the broadcast.

However, today there is a new reality that we are now facing. There is no live cricket available, because all around the world we are in a new battle to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

As such, we all now need to join the same team as we unite in this global battle with each other, for each other. We must now couple our passion for cricket with our love for the health and safety of our family, friends, community, and ourselves.

As cricket fans, you have supported our West Indies players throughout the years, and now we ask you to offer your full support to members of our essential services and first responders. These valiant men and women have worked tirelessly in the face of very trying circumstances and great challenges.

We have heard the stories of their heroic deeds, and watched as they stand on the medical front line to save lives and comfort the sick. They deserve the highest praise, respect and commendation.

To our players, who represent us so proudly on the field of play, I remind you that you are the true custodians of the game. Please do your best to be fit, healthy, and ready when you get the green light to return to play.

I strongly believe that in the midst of the unprecedented stressful challenges that we are now facing, we can find opportunities to fine-tune and refocus our own attitudes towards cricket, our livelihoods, our relationships, and our lives.

I pray that we will all stay safe and secure and I ask that you follow the rules and regulations as issued by your local health authorities and law enforcement personnel – play your part for the team and be good role models for your communities. But before then, we must all play our role in being wise and prudent as we look after our loved ones and those in need.

The great game of cricket will certainly make a comeback – when that day will be, we cannot say – but now is the time for us all to unite in this Covid-19 fight.

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