Freed Marcus Bisram pledges $200M annually to humanitarian causes


Flambouyant philanthropist Marcus Bisram on Monday said the charge that he ordered the murder of Berbice carpenter Faiyaz Narinedatt was fabricated against him and he vowed to continue his humanitarian work, pledging $200M annually to various causes.

“I feel justice was served; it’s been a long three years,” said Bisram, just after the case against him was dismissed by Magistrate Renita Singh.

Bisram rose to fame in Guyana for splurging his wealth on the Police, religious and social organisations, often throwing elaborate parties. It was at one of those parties on the night of October 31, 2016, that Police said he made sexual advances against the young carpenter while they were in the washroom.

When Nariendatt refused, Police claimed, Bisram told some of the men who were at the party to kill him.

A teen boy who was at the party was the State’s star witness, but in the end, he testified that he didn’t hear Bisram tell the men to kill Narinedatt. The music was too loud, he told the court.

The young carpenter was found dead on the N0. 70 village public road on November 1, 2016. Police initially said he was killed in an accident, but Police headquarters sent special investigators to probe the case and Bisram became the focus on the investigations.

Dead: Faiyaz Narinedatt

The five men Police said Bisram told to kill Narinedatt are now before the High Court. They are Nyron Yacoob, Deodat Datt, Orlando Dickie, Haripaul Parasram and Radesh Motie.

Magistrate Singh said with the State’s witness testifying he didn’t hear Bisram give orders to kill Narinedatt, a conviction in the High Court would be a “long shot.” As such, she could not commit Bisram to stand trial and set him free.

Bisram claimed that the case was fabricated by the state who felt “threatened” by his “accomplishments” and his “capability.”

“But they cannot break me,” Bisram stated, saying the work of his Foundation will continue.

Bisram also vowed to sue the State.

“There must be consequences for this illegal action that is taking place to run me out this country,” he declared.

Bisram made his first appearance at the Whim Court on November 21, hours after he was extradited to face the charge which alleged that between October 31 and November 1, 2016, he coerced, procured and demanded the five men to murder Narinedatt.

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