101-year-old Berbice woman credits long life to ‘doing good’


Mary Adialla affectionately known as ‘Aunty Vera’ is 101-years-old and is in relatively good health.

The Corentyne Berbice centenarian believes that she is enjoying a long life because she did a lot of good in her younger years.

“I am feeling happy. I am so glad to reach this age. I am so proud because none of my family lived this age. I am so proud the Lord kept me through,” she said.

She was born on March 29, 1919, at Number 1 Village in Corentyne Berbice where she continues to reside.

Apart from a slight hearing problem, Aunty Vera takes care of her basic needs.

Aunty Versa continues to shower without assistance and passes the day with family and friends.

A relative also cooks and cares for her.  Aunty Vera is one of ten siblings; she is among the two still alive.

Aunty Vera prides herself in teaching a lot of young women in the village how to knit and sew.

“When I was young I teach them girls to do knitting and sewing. I always like to teach children,” she recalled.

Aunty Vera spent her life sewing for persons in the Corentyne Region.

Even in her 90s, she was still making a living off the profession.

Thankful for life, Aunty Vera has some advice for others.

“Don’t do wrong things; do all good things to the Lord. I believe that I do a lot of good things make the Lord keep me up to this age. I live a nice and decent life.

“I always tell the little children to behave and be a good child. Don’t make your Mom and Dad shame, do the right things in the world. Your parents don’t teach you the wrong things.”

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