Night curfew: Taxis, minibuses, boats cannot operate as per normal


Taxis, minibuses and boats will not be allowed to work as per normal during the night, that is from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and have been warned against overcharging passengers during the day.

Those who operate during the day must only take half the number of passengers.

Operators will only be able to work at nights if they can prove that they are only transporting essential workers.

Persons who must go to work and shop for essential items are being urged to get off the road and be in their house by night so as to avoid being stranded.

The curfew goes into full effect from Saturday night as the Government takes measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who heads the National COVID-19 Task Force, urged minibus and taxi drivers not to overcharge passengers, saying that by limiting those who travel with them, they are helping themselves, others and the country to prevent the spread of the disease.

He said that the significant drop in the price of gasoline should be able to cushion the effect of a reduced load for minibuses and taxis.

The orders issued Friday night also state that any person who provides transport within Guyana whether by land, water or air must also have personal protective equipment.

The Police Force will have powers to stop any motor vehicle, vessel or aircraft and inquire as to the purposes for which that motor vehicle, vessel or aircraft is being utilised, and may arrest anyone found in violation of the orders.

The Government has moved to use the David G. school buses to provide transportation for health workers and the use of Army vehicles are also being considered.

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