Man dies after bitten in scuffle with employee over pay


A land surveyor of Haswell, Port Mourant succumbed after he was bitten and collapsed during a fight over pay just after dawn Tuesday.

Dead is 44-year-old Mahendra Mangru called Papo.

According to information, the suspect, identified as Latchman Looknauth called Latcho, 56, went to the home of Mangru, his employer, to collect his salary when an argument ensued after Mangru refused to pay.

The News Room understands Looknauth threatened to report his boss to the Police over the refusal of payment. Mangru became annoyed and picked up a cutlass and struck Looknauth to the head causing injury.

In defence, Looknauth grabbed Mangru and bit him on the hand in an effort to try to get him to drop the cutlass causing him to fall to the ground.

Looknauth managed to escape and went to the Port Mourant Hospital a short distance away to seek medical help; afterwards, he made a report at the Whim Police Station.

The incident occurred at Mahendra Mangru’s residence in Port Mourant.

Mangru, who was left in the vicinity of his gate, was picked and rushed to the Port Mourant hospital where he died while receiving medical attention.

He received injuries to his left hand, right foot and left side jaw, most likely as a result of the fall, Police reasoned.

Looknauth was placed in Police custody assisting with the investigation.

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