Police used curfew to demand bribe from boyfriend dropping nurse to work


The Guyana Police Force has come under scrutiny once again for bribery and corruption after a nurse and her boyfriend complained of abuse of powers by the lawmen.

According to nurse Aliya La-Caille, she was on her way to work Monday when the Police stopped her and boyfriend Shaquille Paul on Brickdam at 20:30hrs to query why they were out beyond the stipulated curfew.

It is alleged the Police ranks requested $5,000 from Paul, without any charge or detaining him at a police station.

La-Caille revealed, “He [the officer] is telling me since I have to meet to work for 8 o’clock I should leave home since 5:30pm because of the curfew but I was telling him I read on the news about the essential workers and having to drop them to work.”

The nurse was scheduled to clock in at 20:30hrs.

To combat COVID 19, emergency measures were handed down on April 3 which brought a curfew from 6pm to 6am. There were exemptions made to essential services, some of which were listed as hospitals, healthcare and medical services including pharmacies, drug stores and private veterinary services; nursing homes, orphanages, shelters and other related care centers.

It was clarified on April 4 that vehicles will only be able to work at nights if they can prove that they are only transporting essential workers.

The nurse further explained that Paul who, was riding motorcycle CJ 6520, was told to go to Brickdam Police Station but she was instructed by the Police not accompany him since she would not be let inside the compound.

“Me and my mates [still] said let’s go to the station and when we meet to the station we saw the two officers at a hotel before the Police Station and when I inquired if he was in the station, the officers in the station said no person of such name had come. When I called him [Shaquille Paul] he explained the police took $5,000 from him and go away.”

According to Paul, the Police perused his documents which he stated were in perfect order, apart from having him having a pillion rider with a learner’s licence.

“I told them I was not getting a car to drop her to work and so I decided to carry her… they checked the documents and I told them I had went into GRA but they told me they have suspended the services until April 30.

On March 25, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) announced that it would not be renewing or issuing first-time drivers and conductor licences and motor vehicle registrations until April 30.

La-Caille said that the officers did not give their names nor did they have any badge showing such.

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