156-day period for recount is ridiculous – PPP


See below full statement issued by the Opposition People’s Progressive Party:

The proposal presented by the Secretariat of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) for a recount of the ballots is simply ridiculous.

The timeframe proposed is 156 days.

The law provides a 90 days period for preparation of elections. Further, the entire country’s results are normally totalled in about 2 hours after the close of poll and the law provides 15 days for declaration of results, including recounts and further recounts. Yet, Kieth Lowenfield wants almost 6 months to count less than 500,000 ballots.

This is obviously yet another ploy by Lowenfield acting in concert with the rigging cabal to continue their enterprise of derailing the electoral process and thwart the will of the electorate.

Many components of the proposal presented are either unnecessary or are simply put forward to provide opportunities to corrupt the recounting process.

We take this opportunity, once again, to call upon the Chairperson to not only be vigilant, but to act decisively in respect of the proposals and, most importantly, in ensuring a fair and transparent framework is established in accordance with the law to facilitate an expedient recounting process that will enjoy the confidence of not only the stakeholders, but indeed the nation and the international community.

To contribute to such a framework, the People’s Progressive Party, through its Commissioners, will present a comprehensive proposal which is in keeping with the law and will conclude the process within two weeks.

The nation’s patience is wearing thin with each passing day. The PPP will therefore never accept any proposal that is farcical and which is ultimately designed to keep the illegal APNU+AFC squatting in office.


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