GuySuCo remembers Komal Chand as a champion for workers’ rights


See full statement from GuySuCo on the death of Komal Chand

Georgetown, 8 April, 2020 – It is with much sadness that the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo), join with the country in expressing condolences to Cde. Komal Chand’s family and the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU).

Cde. Chand has been an integral part of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. and the sugar industry for over forty years. Having joined GAWU in 1975, he no doubt found his passion; advocating for workers’ rights, his name became synonymous with the rights of sugar workers. His commitment, dedication and overall resolved, was inspiring to those persons, at various levels in the Corporation who would have come into contact with him.

When GuySuCo was established in May, 1976, Cde. Chand, through the participation of GAWU has been a key figure in shaping the industrial relations spectrum, from the conceptualization to implementation of more worker-focused systems and general work environment in the Corporation.

Our Industrial Relations department remembers Cde. Chand as being ‘a well-informed, experienced and skilled negotiator, who was loved by the workers; always having his finger on the pulse of the working class. He always found a  way to navigate out of what most might have concluded, the most difficult situations or scenarios.’

Other fond memories of Cde. Chand from workers were; ‘he never gave up on an issue until he would have exhausted all avenue in having it addressed’.  ‘He had a good memory of matters’. ‘He made a day looked like it had forty hours instead of twenty four hours with the amount of things he did within a day’. ‘You could have depended on him to read any document you gave to him and provide his analysis’. ‘If you needed assistance with anything, he never turned you away; even if he did not have the answer, he would find someone who could have given you an answer’.

The Chairman, Board of Directors, Management and staff of the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc., stand with Cde. Chand’s family and GAWU at this time, as they reflect on the life of their beloved husband, father, leader and colleague.

May his soul rest in peace!

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