Hockey season on hold for now, says Fernandes


The 2020 local hockey season has been put on hold, says president of the Guyana Hockey Board Philip Fernandes.

For a number of weeks now, team training has been suspended and players are basically doing individual fitness work in order to stay in shape.

GHB president Philip Fernandes

“As far as the local scene goes, we obviously just have to wait and see. Nobody doesn’t know how long this will be, and we have notified all our players and respective personnel that we won’t make any decisions as far as the local season goes until we have more information and how long the curfew period would be and how long before people feel safe to resume their normal lives,” Fernandes explained to News Room.

“As far as the international competitions go, our next event internationally was supposed to be the Pan Am Challenge, which was scheduled for the end of June in Peru. They have not officially postponed that event as yet, but we anticipate that they will be making a decision shortly.”

Both a national male and female team were in training before restrictions took in effect in Guyana, owing to the coronavirus. To help in the fight against the spread of the pandemic, the Hockey Board took a conscious decision to suspend those sessions.

“So players are obviously asked to try to keep fit and so on, while at home. We’ve been sending programmes to both teams for activities to be done in their own homes, basic exercises and so on,” Fernandes divulged.

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