Wismar Hospital to be used as isolation facility for COVID-19 patients


The Wismar Hospital in Region Ten is being equipped to serve as an isolation facility for patients diagnosed with the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

According to a statement from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), 14 rooms along with other facilities will be installed in the first phase of preparing the hospital while some services will be moved to the McKenzie Hospital.

The announcement came one day after a male from Linden was tested positive for COVID-19 after he was transferred from the McKenzie Hospital on Monday.

One of the fourteen beds that will be accommodating patients who are in isolation (RDC region ten photo)

The patient visited the hospital with several respiratory symptoms after which his condition worsened and he was transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

During a meeting on Wednesday with the Deputy Chief Medical Officer (DCMO) Dr. Karen Boyle, Regional Health Officer, Dr Pansy Armstrong, Emergency Medicine Specialist Dr Tracey Bovell and other doctors and health officials, they decided that the Wismar Hospital is ideal for isolation of COVID-19 patients.

The DCMO met with Engineers attached to the RDC on Wednesday where it was disclosed that the first phase of the works will be completed within a week.

An engineer attached to the RDC makes a point, while a construction worker and another engineer listens as REO Gordon pays rap attention (RDC Region ten photo)

According to the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Orrin Gordon, the facilities will be fully ready and operational within two to three weeks.

The work is being done using the 1/12 funding of the budget available to the RDC in the absence of a 2020 national budget.

She said that all systems and measures are being taken to ensure that the health officials of Region Ten remain alert, proactive and ready to handle any situation that may arise as a result of the disease.

We will get this done seems to be what REO Orrin Gordon is telling Dr. Tracey Bovell (RDC Region Ten photo)

The Emergency Medicine Specialist identified other systems which will be required to ensure that those in isolation are properly cared for, while ensuring that the rest of the hospital can continue its operations.

However, she said to ensure that the health sector within the region is not overloaded three of the services currently being offered at the Wismar hospital will be moved to Mackenzie hospital. Those are pediatric, Maternal Child Health and Tuberculosis.

Despite a curfew being implemented to stop the spread of the COVID-19, persons in Region ten still attended church services last weekend and have been visiting recreational facilities in groups.

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