‘Thirsty’ bandits tie up security guard, rob Berbice store


Three bandits in the wee hours of Friday robbed the Sono, Rosey Son and Daughter general store at Cotton Tree, West Coast Berbice; they tied up the security guard and carted off with cash and valuables totalling close to $1M.

They used a pair of sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt to tie up the guard at around 01:30hrs.

The bandits spent sufficient time inside the store during which they consumed several Fruta Juice and left the empty tins at the crime scene.

The used tins left at the store

The owner, Rajesh Persaud called ‘Sono,’ told the News Room that he received a call from the guard at about 02:15hrs informing him of the robbery.

The guard had managed to free one of his hands.

Persaud said one of the bandits was armed with a gun while the others were armed with pieces of wood.

“They got [the security] on the ground, broke the side door first but they didn’t get through the grill so they go the back door and they got one of the locks opened and sprawl the grill open so one person can pass in and open the grill and door at the front.”

According to the businessman, the bandits stole over $120,000 in phone cards and cash from the day’s sale; a microwave, televisions and several beverages from the coolers.

They also removed the DVR for the CCTV cameras. Police are investigating.

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