‘Don’t let our spirits be dampened by political, COVID-19 troubles’ – PPP Easter message


 A Message from the People’s Progressive Party on the occasion of Easter 2020

Easter is one of our nation’s most anticipated holidays during which Guyanese from all backgrounds participate in the traditional Kite-flying and other family-related activities that have become synonymous with the occasion.

It is foremost a very sacred time for Christians across the world marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter also provides many pertinent lessons for all humanity through its teachings of tolerance, humility, love and respect for others while offering an abundance of hope that one will rise despite being confronted with insurmountable challenges.

It is that hope which gives meaningful purpose to all mankind for both personal and societal advancement. This year Easter is being observed at a trying time for our country as we confront a concerted attempt to subvert democracy by rigging our national elections, and the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

While our celebrations will be tempered by the troubling political environment and the precautions issued to combat COVID-19, we urge that our spirits not be dampened as we reflect on the significance and messages of Easter and the importance it can play in helping to realize universal peace and brotherhood among all.

We encourage all to practice social distancing and desist from congregating in large numbers on Easter Monday.

Happy Easter to all Guyanese!

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