Economic and financial situation at breaking point, says Ali


Although the numbers have not been finalised, it is clear economies across the globe would take a battering from COVID-19.

For Guyana, couple that battle against the pandemic with the elections stalemate and it spells disaster for a small nation of just about three quarter million people.

Presidential Candidate of the opposition People’s Progressive Party, Irfaan Ali, who heads the National Stakeholders Forum, which has been fanning out across the country on coronavirus relief efforts, painted a bleak picture of the country’s economic status via a Facebook post on Saturday night.

It is cause for worry, Ali warned.

“The economic and financial situation is becoming a serious worry in our country and from what we are seeing on the ground it is almost at breaking point,” Ali posted on his Facebook page.

“I am not exaggerating when I say to you tonight that many of our country men, women and children are in hunger.”

Ali’s party has claimed victory at the March 2 polls as well as the incumbent APNU+AFC Coalition.

Controversy over the Region Four tabulation, followed by public pressure from various observer groups and international and regional bodies, led to numerous court matters.

The PPP’s claim to victory has been based on its public disclosure of the party’s copies of the Statements of Poll.

Only last week, GECOM, through the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield, said it would take 156 days for a total recount of votes.

That timeline proffered by Lowenfield is currently under review.

“We will be out there with responsible leadership and I assure all Guyanese we have a plan that is implementable from day one when we assume office. All hands on deck to turn the tide of neglect, irresponsible leadership and lack of care for Guyana and Guyanese,” Ali articulated.

Ali called for a halt to the “hostage of the Guyanese people and Guyana by a few who are obsessed with hanging on to power albeit illegally.”

He continued: “It is no easy road ahead it requires a clear vision, inclusive decision making, proactive leadership, trust among all players, a democratic environment and ownership of the development process by all Guyanese. As your President I am ready to work with everyone in the interest of Guyana. There is no turning back, we are moving forward with a National agenda.”

“The health, welfare, security and sanity of every Guyanese is paramount for me and I am sure every right thinking Guyanese. God Bless Guyana.”

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