Young biker dies after crashing motorcycle


A 20-year-old biker died Monday hours after he crashed his motorcycle into a lamp pole in Bartica, Region Seven.

Dead is Raphael Haly of Robb Street Georgetown.

The accident occurred Sunday at about 18:35hrs in Second Avenue in Bartica.

Regional Commander Senior Superintendent, Linden Lord told the News Room that Haly was speeding when he approached a speed bump and lost control of the motorcycle.

As a result, he collided with a lamp pole and fell off the motorcycle; Haly received severe injuries to the head as he was not wearing a helmet.

He was picked up in an unconscious state and rushed to the Bartica Regional Hospital.

The young man was subsequently medivacked to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he died at about 14:00hrs Monday while receiving treatment.

Meanwhile, an eyewitness to the accident said Haly was consuming alcohol on Sunday and later borrowed  the motorcycle from a friend.

Haly was a member of the 592 Bike Life which was a movement started by Jude Bentley, who died two months ago after he was struck down on the Rupert Craig Highway.

Another member of 592 Bike Life, Kester Croal told the News Room that this is another great loss for the group.

“He was a cool person to lime with, he don’t pick no trouble…it’s just messed up right now,” Croal said.

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