Bandits invade Regent St. store in broad daylight, tell victims to wear face masks


A 49-year-old business owner is in shock after two armed men robbed her store –Cellular Connection – on Regent Street at about 15:00hrs Thursday and instructed everyone inside the store to put on their face masks so as to be protected from the new Coronavirus.

The businesswoman, Wendy Seepersaud told the News Room that the doors to the store are partially open as part of measures implemented to tackle COVID-19.

She explained that a handyman and a salesgirl were inside the store when one of the gunmen entered the store and pretended to be a customer; he asked for an iPhone charger.

Police at the store following the armed robbery [Photo: News Room]
The other bandit kept watch outside. They were both wearing black face masks.

“Two young men came on a motorcycle, parked a little way from the store and one came into the store to the sale girl [and] told her he wants an iPhone charger.

“She told him to wait…he came walking behind her and came straight up to me and pull out the gun,” Seepersaud said.

According to Seepersaud, the gunman said: ‘Nobody move or say anything” as he demanded cash.

The store on Regent Street [Photo: News Room]
“He pull the draw, take out the money but he wasn’t satisfied, he said this is not all the money and I said this is all the money I sold for the day.”

The bandits escaped with cell phones, electronic tablets and colognes in a suitcase.

They also took Seepersaud’s personal phone and handbag.

Police are at the scene reviewing CCTV footage.

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