Barrington’s ‘3030 Initiative’ keeping communities hydrated


National cricketer Shemroy Barrington, through his business SS Purified Drinking Water, is playing his part to ease the worry of some persons, by delivering drinking water free of cost to those in need.

The project he deems the ‘3030 Initiative’ is a collaborative effort of friends, associates and small businesses in the United States of America and in Guyana to provide purified drinking water for persons during this challenging period.

According to Barrington, the initiative initially started with Guyanese in the USA donating a maximum of US$30 or the equivalent of approximately G$6,000 to offset the expenses for 30 five-gallon water refills.

“So far we’ve managed to distribute 150 refills in the Tiger Bay and Albouystown areas and the venture is expected to continue in various areas within the city with the hope of an extension to adjacent city locations.”

The top-order batsman, who last represented Guyana in 2011, stated D&D Piping and Heating Plumber Company (Brooklyn, New York), Petty Charms, Kwest International, Andre Thomas, Pristine Laundry Hub (Guyana), SS Natural Fruit Flavour BBQ Sauce, FireSide Grill N’ Chill and Genuine Auto Spares and Tools have thus far supported the venture.

Other interested persons seeking to make contributions are asked to contact Barrington on +592-672-0330.

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