Relief on the way for Reg. 6 communities affected by COVID-19 measures


The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is in the process of providing much-needed relief to communities on the West Bank of the Corentyne, Region Six which are running low on fuel and food as a result of the closure of Guyana/Suriname borders to curb the spread of the deadly new Coronavirus.

The News Room had reported on Friday last that residents of Orealla and Siparuta located up the Corentyne River are grappling with a shortage of fuel and other resources.

Toshao of Orealla, Carl Peneux told the News Room that the Corentyne River, which residents transport their groceries and other items, is blocked by members of the Surinamese military.

Toshao of Orealla, Carl Peneux

As a result, there is no alternative for the community to buy groceries or fuel which is rapidly diminishing.

Following this report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sunday night in a statement revealed that the interim Government here will meet virtually Monday at 10 a.m. with its counterparts in Suriname to explore cooperation on measures to address the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Among issues to be discussed are public health, security, immigration, social protection.

“Both Guyana and Suriname have closed their borders as part of efforts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. This has impacted the ability of residents of riverain communities on the west bank of the Corentyne to traverse the river to secure much-needed fuel and supplies,” the Foreign Affairs statement noted.

The statement further noted, “as a consequence, the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) assessed the situation and has already put a number of systems in place for relief to be given to the communities. The livelihoods of these residents are also expected to be addressed during the meeting.”

Orealla and Siparuta have approximately 1,200 residents.

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