Trans Guyana Airways commences flights to Region 8


In its commitment to aid the remote Region 8 locations with access to food and supplies, and respond to calls for fair pricing, Trans Guyana Airways commenced weekly flights every Friday to Mahdia, Chenapau, Kaieteur, Karisparu, Paramaktoi, Kurukubaru, Kato and Monkey Mountain.

The first flight departed Eugene F. Correia International on Friday 24th April, 2020.

The fare from Mahdia to Ogle (one way) will be GYD$15,000 per person. Shuttles out of Mahdia can be booked for each Friday.

Interested parties can call the Trans Guyana Airways’ Commercial Dept. at 222-2525 or email for further details on pricing, other destinations and availability.

Trans Guyana Airways continues to take every precaution necessary to curtail the spread of COVID-19 with such procedures as 100 per cent temperature testing of all passengers and staff, sanitising of aircraft before every flight, the compulsory wearing of face masks and hand sanitising before passengers and crew aboard the aircraft. All cargo is similarly sanitised.

Trans Guyana Airways has taken on this initiative in response to the  Aircraft Owners’ Association of Guyana’s (AOAG) request to address the concerns expressed by the Amerindian People’s Association (APA) and the Government with regard to Region 8’s access to food and freight supplies.

The local aviation industry is highly competitive and thus the market forces that result from this dynamic work to keep the industry fair.

Trans Guyana Airways will continue to provide a superior and safe service to and for the people of Guyana. (Trans Guyana press release)

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