BCB, RHTY&SC appeal for help to continue COVID-19 relief efforts


The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) in partnership with the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS (RHTY&SC) has to date assisted over 350 families in Berbice with food hampers as part of its COVID-19 response project.

Additionally, a huge amount of face masks were also shared out, while BCB President Hilbert Foster on Sunday headed a four-man delegation to distribute hampers of Bounty Farm chicken products to dozens of less fortunate families in the squatting areas of Williamsburg, Hampshire, Belvedere, Nigg and Toopoo.

The popular chicken business has committed to assisting for the next two months with 300 pounds of chicken products each month and Foster stated that they would be shared out to families who need assistance, especially single parent households and the elderly.

The BCB President, who is also the Secretary/CEO of the RHTY&SC, MS, stated that the distribution of the food hampers and chicken products have been a humbling process as he and his co-workers have been brought face to face with the suffering families are going through due to being unable to work.

He cited one worrying case where a father of four little children was thinking of suicide because he was ashamed that he was unable to provide meals for his family while paying monthly bills.

Members of several clubs in Berbice have benefitted from the food hamper project

Foster stated that the BCB and the RHTY&SC strongly believe in making a positive difference in the lives of others and would continue the project as every day both organisations receive numerous requests for assistance. The objective is to share a total of 600 food hampers at a cost of about G$3,000 each.

“The BCB would like to urge those who could donate food items and grocery bags to do so that it can reach out to those who need it the most. The BCB would prefer the food items instead of cash and would like to specially appeal to former and present Berbice cricketers, overseas-based residents and corporate Guyana,” BCB said in a release Monday.

“The two entities would like to reassure all donors that all donations would be used for they intended purpose. Updates on the ongoing project can be followed on the Facebook account of the Berbice Cricket Board and the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club, MS. Those wishing to donate can contact Hilbert Foster on 337-4443, BCB Secretary Angela Haniff on 333-3905, Asst Secretary Ameer Rahaman on 641-0890 or PRO Simon Naidu on 649-6447.”

The BCB said over the last two years it has hosted over 60 cricket tournaments at different levels and completed dozens of developmental programmes.

“The proactive board has also assisted clubs and young cricketers in the Ancient County with over six million dollars worth of cricket balls, cricket gear, scorebooks, bicycles, educational materials, cricket uniforms and trophies among other items. Youth and female cricketers who go on to play for Guyana also receive a $10,000 stipend,” the BCB said.

Meanwhile, the BCB has also launched an upgrade of its operation and has under taken a multi-million dollar restoration of its office and has obtained all of the main items for its day-to-day operation in an effort to cut operation cost.

About the RHTY&SC

The RHTY&SC, MS, is Guyana leading youth and sports club and is the only club in the country history to receive a national award. Founded in 1990 by three Guyanese and Commonwealth Youth Service Awardee, the St. Francis Community Developers, the club undertakes a record 700 activities each year under a wide range of sub-headings including education, anti-drugs, anti-crime, sports, charity and community development.


The RHTY&SC is also one of Guyana’s leading cricket clubs with close to one hundred championship honours in its 30-year history, while it has also produced over 60 national players at all levels, won five GCB Club-of-the-Year awards, has Guyana’s only female cricket team and is a household name in Berbice for its charity work.

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