Shaheed’s Orphanages appeal for assistance during COVID-19


The Shaheed’s Boys and Girls orphanages are appealing for financial help and food items along with detergents and sanitising agents as supplies are running low.

The director, Raheema Rahaman told the News Room that due to the National COVID-19 measures, the orphanages are not getting much support.

“For the couple months of the year so far we had booking to feed both orphanages but since March we had cancellations…we had that elections problem and shortly after that we had Coronavirus problem and now nobody is coming out,” Rahaman said.

The orphanages are home to 45 children and five caregivers at its two locations in Kitty, Georgetown and Oleander Gardens, East Coast Demerara.

“I sent out an appeal last week to the public because nobody was bringing in no food, no money. My family and my children they came to the rescue and help me with some groceries and that’s keeping us going,” Rahaman said.

She said they are managing with some basic supplies for now. Rahaman said the buildings are also being sanitised and the caregivers are ensuring that the children wash their hands constantly.

“We are not short chicken but we are not getting no vegetables, no fruits…I have to go and buy whatever I can buy and there is even a shortage at the market and when you do go they are long lines and you got to hurry back.”

The orphanage also has three toddlers who need diapers.

“These are all children of need, we have a one and half-year-old little girl and two-year-old and three-year-old boys and we gotta make sure these children get pampers and make sure they are secured with their health,” the orphanage director said.

Visitation is restricted and the children are passing the time indoors by reading and playing games.

The Shaheed’s Girls Orphanage in Oleander Gardens, East Coast Demerara was destroyed by a fire in October 2018. With cash donations and materials, the structure was rebuilt at a total cost of $35M.

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