Hundreds of Giftland Mall employees remain laid off


The Giftland Mall is among the many businesses awaiting a decision from the National COVID-19 Task Force as to whether the curfew and closure of non-essential businesses will be extended beyond May 3 before management decides to re-open.

The mall closed its operations on April 1 with the exception of the supermarket and pharmacy, resulting in hundreds of employees being laid off until further notice.

Administrative Manager of the Giftland Mall, Devindra Deonarine told the News Room Thursday that 130 employees are currently working on a rotation schedule at the pharmacy and supermarket.

It was noted that 300 plus employees are employed with the Giftland Group while there are 110 concessions inside the mall.

Deonarine assured that the contracts of the 300 plus employees with the Giftland Group remain intact.

“It’s been a testing month; it’s just the supermarket and the pharmacy here at the Giftland Mall which would have been open from April 01 to date,” Deonarine said.

He noted that all necessary precautions were implemented to protect employees and customers from contracting the deadly new Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Deonarine said business has also been slow at the supermarket.

“It’s more of a superstore now so customers can come in and they can get things like stationery, games, toys…basic electronics, house appliances things like that were included,” Deonarine said.

Deonarine also said it is difficult to have a long term plan during this time.

“The situation is very volatile; it is hard to sit down and plan for months forward…the most we could have done was plan for April month and now reassess and plan for the other month.”

There is now an online catalog so persons can shop from the comfort of their homes and also have their groceries delivered or pick up at the store.

Persons can send their grocery list to [email protected] or +592-600-8838 on WhatsApp to place your order.

The supermarket is open daily from 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs; for senior citizens only they can visit the store from 08:00hrs to 09:00hrs.

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