PPP notes struggle of healthcare workers in Labour Day message


PPP Labour Day Message:

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) takes this opportunity to extend warmest greetings to all workers and labour leaders throughout the nation on the occasion of International Workers’ Day. This significant day, which celebrates the important resource of human labour, allows for the recognition of invaluable contributions of the labour force, particularly the public service, in the development of our nation.

Labour Day also offers an opportunity for reflection on the gains made, challenges encountered and on the advances that are needed to improve the welfare of all Guyanese workers.


This year’s observance of Labour Day is taking place in challenging political environment where naked attempts are afoot to subvert the will of the Guyanese people, derail the electoral process, reverse the democratic gains made since 1992 and take our nation down a path of regression.

Since May 2015, our workers have suffered from the incompetence and inconsiderate actions of the APNU+AFC Coalition – actions that saw a downturn in the economy, the loss of thousands of jobs, indiscriminate firings, increases in taxes and fees and an increase in the hardships on Guyanese workers across the country.

At the March 2020 General and Regional Elections, Guyanese workers sent a clear signal to the Coalition and our Party wishes to assure that no effort will be spared in the fight to ensure that the will of the people prevails, particularly given that only a legitimate government can address the concerns of our people. The political struggle and the struggle of workers are closely linked.


Further, in recognition of the health crisis we are also facing, the PPP takes this opportunity to salute the resoluteness and of our health workers and other essential service providers, who remain on the frontline during this period.

We join with our health workers in condemning the recklessness of the APNU+AFC Coalition in failing to provide our front line workers with necessary and adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to be able to effectively battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Such recklessness and incompetence of the David Granger-led cabal are undoubtedly putting our workers at serious and unnecessary risks.

Much more needs to be done to protect our health workers and the PPP calls on the APNU+AFC Coalition to recognise this and act forthwith. The Party notes the address by Granger on Thursday (April 30, 2020), where he admitted that: “Workers in essential and public services are continuing to provide critical support to the rest of the population.”

This and other lofty comments about the contributions of the frontline workers ring hollow in the face of the failure of the APNU+AFC Coalition to support our workers.

Also, in this period, the Party recognises that thousands of workers are currently without an income, as the APNU+AFC Coalition persists in its failure to respond with adequate fiscal policies to provide assistance to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Granger claims that: “Your Government is not unmindful of the difficulties caused by the restrictions which have been enforced since the outbreak of the disease in Guyana.”

However, such a statement can only be believed if there is tangible support in this period. The Party wishes to stress the need for support to households where many are struggling to feed their families and calls for action in this regard.


Our Party is not oblivious of the numerous burdens that Guyanese workers carry. Mindful of the difficulties our workers are now enduring, the People’s Progressive Party hopes that this Labour Day will bring a renewed sense of commitment to the current struggle – a fight to protect our democracy and the future progress and prosperity of all our people.

The PPP will continue to stand in solidarity with all our workers, as it has for decades.

People’s Progressive Party April 30, 2020

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