Gov’t denies entry of Carter Center observers; U.S. Embassy seeks reconsideration


See below full statement issued by the U.S Embassy in Georgetown:

The United States Embassy requested April 29 by diplomatic note the assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in obtaining permission for flights on May 4, 2020 and May 30,2020.

These flights serve a dual purpose, with the inbound flight on May 4 carrying accredited international observer missions to Guyana for the recount process and the outbound flights serving to repatriate U.S. Nationals, Legal Permanent Residents and Third Country Nationals.

The May 30 flight was requested to return the observers to the United States along with U.S. citizens, Legal Permanent Residents and Third Country Nationals who wish to return to or transit to their homes. The inbound flight request was made on behalf of the Carter Center and the International Republican Institute with reference to other observer missions that also my wish to avail themselves of the requested flights.

United States Ambassador to Guyana Sarah Ann Lynch

The Embassy sent a copy of the diplomatic note to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority accompanied by a request to advance the issue to Guyana’s COVID-19 Task Force. We received the usual professional courtesies from all parties, as is characteristic of Guyana’s diplomats and civil servants.

The diplomatic note referenced the observer’s intentions to comply with the COVID-19 testing and quarantine measures.

The U.S. Embassy was informed on Saturday, May 2 that the incoming May 4 flight had been approved by the Task Force, but not the arrival of the observers.

Subsequently, we have sought reconsideration of this matter at the highest levels in recognition that the observer missions illustrate the commitment of the caretaker government and the international community to a free, fair and transparent recount process.

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