Guyana’s COVID-19 cases climb to 92


As of May 4, Guyana recorded ten new cases of the new Coronavirus bringing the total number to 92.

Three persons are in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), seven in quarantine and 56 in isolation; 27 persons have recovered and the number of deaths remains at nine.

This means that there are 56 active COVID-19 cases in the country.

A total of 639 persons have been tested, of whom 547 are negative.

“To date the total number of patients seen in the COVID-19 ICU is 25 with 7 deaths being registered within the ICU.  Total number of patients who recovered and were discharged from ICU: 3,” Minister of Public Health Volda Lawrence noted.

She added, “Our health care workers continue to work selflessly in order to protect us all, but you continue to behave very selfishly, with total disregard for your own safety and for your own life.

“With regard to the social distancing guidelines, you have interpreted them to suit your own agenda. Not only are you continuing to congregate in large numbers, but you are also there way past the curfew time and with no face mask for your protection and those around you.”

Minister Lawrence said “It is extremely unfair to those who are following the guidelines to be placed at unnecessary risk. From the inception you were all told that we can stop COVID-19 from spreading; by simply staying home and following all the precautionary guidelines; that advice is still in effect. You know all these guidelines, so please adhere to them so that we can get on with our lives and our livelihood.”

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