Baby and 12-Y-old among new COVID-19 cases in Region 10


A one-year-old child and a 12-year-old are among six additional persons who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the Region Ten Regional Health and Emergency Committee (RHEC) has announced.

The children are among six new cases in the Region, taking the total up to nine.  Another child and two other persons were tested after showing symptoms, but the results are not yet known.

Orrin Gordon, the RHEC Head, who is also the Regional Executive Officer, has said some residents in the Region are being very irresponsible with the way they respond to the disease.

“People must understand that COVID 19 is deadly and people within this region must understand that they should remain responsible as they continue to put themselves and every other person at risk. We were at one case long after other regions had announced theirs and within a short space, we have now jumped to eight persons,” he said.

He echoed sentiments made by the Deputy Police Commander who said that the public seems uncaring of the danger and risks that they are putting the law enforcement officers.

Giving an insight into the persons who have contracted the virus, he said the wife and close family members of Linden’s third case has now contracted the virus.

He said the sixth case is a woman with no relation to the five persons who have tested positive.

As such, he said that he is very concerned that Guyana has now recorded two infections among children urging parents to be more vigilant and alert with their children.

“It hurts me to know that we have two children among those infected as prior to this we had not reported any infections among children and I hope that parents and guardians would recognize that children are not exempted from contracting this deadly virus. Therefore, it is imperative that they take the required actions and precautions to safeguard children during this time,” he reiterated.

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