COVID-19: Health officials battle with contact tracing as persons provide inaccurate info.


Chief Medical Officer Dr Shamdeo Persaud says health officials are having a difficult time conducting contact tracing of COVID-19 victims because persons are providing inaccurate information.

In Wednesday’s daily update, Dr Persaud noted that the stigma attached to the deadly virus but urged persons to come forward.

“We understand the fear of being isolated or hospitalized, the stigma and discrimination, but we cannot contain this disease unless we receive accurate information.”

He added, “We have been appealing to you to come forward if you have been in contact with a positive case or experiencing any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19. If you arrive at our facility at an advanced stage of the disease, you are placing yourself at a disadvantage, and there may be very little that we can do to save your life.”

The CMO said Georgetown continues to be the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic and that most of those who have tested positive, to date, are males with a ratio of 49:44.

“Further, it is predominantly clear that you are the main ones not adhering to the guidelines, congregating way past the curfew hours as if it were a prolonged holiday.”

“As one male to another, I am pleading with you to do the practicable thing, which is to stay home and to be off the roadways. Do not think for one moment that you are invincible and that the virus cannot affect you because your area has not been identified as a COVID-19 hotspot.

“All of us are at risk and the only way that we can stop these numbers from increasing and persons from dying is if you seriously follow all the advice that has been given. If you must leave home, then it’s a no-no to go unprotected, you must put on your masks and keep the 6-feet physical distance.”

“My fellow Guyanese, it is imperative that we find those persons in our communities asap, who can spread COVID-19 without even realizing it.”

As of May 6, there were no new case of the disease and the total know cases remain at 93; this includes 10 deaths and 27 recoveries.

A total of 714 persons have been tested, of whom 621 are negative. There are three persons in the  COVID-19 ICU, six in institutional quarantine and 56 in isolation.

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