Missing poll books located; GECOM yet to verify claims dead voters 


At the close of the first day of the national recount of votes cast at the March 2, 2020, election, the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) is reporting that it has been able to address several of the issues that arose.

GECOM’s Public Relations Officer Yolanda Ward said Wednesday night that the Commission has been able to locate the missing poll books from District #1 which were not returned to the GECOM and remained in the possession of Returning Officer, Trevor Harris.

The discovery was made when the recount commenced Wednesday morning prompting GECOM officials to immediately seek out the location of the poll books.

The GECOM spokeswoman said those books, which includes the notes of the Presiding Officer, will be transported out of Region #1 on the earliest flight to Georgetown.

The absence of the books raised tense objections from party agents and resulted in a stall of the recount and reconciliation for that district.

Public Relations Officer of GECOM Yolanda Ward

Ward explained that the poll books include details of persons voting with certificates of employment, proxy voters along with special issues arising on E – Day.

Asked about the claims of dead persons found to have voted in the March 2 elections, the PRO said GECOM is yet to verify such claims.

She said the issue was in fact raised with the Commission by party agents but GECOM is yet to confirm the information dead persons voting.

The Commission is also warning that tougher action will be taken against the use of cell phones while at work stations.

Wednesday’s exercise saw several persons circulating videos on social media from inside the Conference Center where the exercise was underway although this was not permitted.

Ward said persons were cautioned to desist but going forward anyone found using their cellphones will be escorted from the work station.

She hopes that there will be no recurrence of this activity and promised a prompt start of the recount process tomorrow.

A meeting of the Commission Wednesday evening addressed several other issues raised with pending resolutions in place.

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