40 ballot boxes counted at close of day two of recount


Roughly three percent of the 2,339 ballot boxes from the March 02, 2020 elections have been opened and processed at the end of the second day of the national vote recount exercise at the Arthur Chung Conference Center.

Some 25 boxes were counted when the exercise commenced on Wednesday and showing some improvement on Thursday where 40 boxes were processed, bringing the total to 65 thus far.

Notwithstanding this, stakeholders feel like the pace of counting and reconciliation should be increased, particularly if the activity is to be completed within the 25 days deadline.

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Yolanda Ward provided the update to the media outside the recount site.

She too hopes that when the process recommences Friday, there will be significant improvements to this number.

“Now that the staff have picked up rhythm, I expect us to be here early and commence on time and move smoothly,” Ward told reporters.

Asked if she felt that the process with being dragged out with unnecessary queries, Ward said she didn’t believe this was the case.

“We are at a recount and there must be queries. It is important that they are adequately addressed and we at GECOM want to ensure that every agent is satisfied,” she added.

Ward said at this point it is still early to say whether the 25 days deadline will be met and she cannot give an estimation for the time to be taken on each ballot box.

She said this depends largely on the number of votes in each box and the queries arising.

GECOM has committed to reviewing the 25-days timeline after the first week of the recount.

Meanwhile, Ward hastened to clarify that GECOM has no interest in doing any analysis between the Statements of Poll from E- Day and the Statements of Recount.

“We will refrain from commenting on reported differences,” she said when asked about claims that one party’s vote had significantly increased in one of the boxes during the recount exercise.

“What the recount says that is what we will work with,” she added.

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