Recount Day Two: No truth to claims of secret meeting and collusion – Party Agents


Moments after the APNU+AFC took to social media with claims of a secret meeting between People’s Progressive Party agents and staff of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) amid speculation of collusion, at least three other party representatives have poured cold water on the accusations.

The party representatives claim that there is no truth to the allegations even as it has been repeated by senior members of the coalition, including AFC Executive member David Patterson.

Presidential Candidate of The Citizenship Initiative, Rhonda Lam who is also a tabulation agent stationed in the tabulation room where the “secret meeting” is said to have taken place said, “there was no secret meeting nor cloak and dagger hastily arranged meetings.”

She explained via her Facebook page that, “We all heard the IT head repeat what he was asked and his answer. In fact, close to 20 people heard it. This is irresponsible posting to incite a party base and malign people’s character. It can also put GECOM staff at risk.”

Meanwhile, PPP Executive member Dr Frank Anthony, who was said to be part of the meeting, also debunked those claims.

He said he asked two questions of the GECOM’s Information Technology personnel in the full view of everyone else in the room.

Dr Frank Anthony

“Every person in the room hear me asking the questions and heard the response… there were three APNU observers in the room that heard everything and the response,” Dr Anthony told reporters outside the Arthur Chung Conference Center Thursday.

Dr Anthony said he merely wanted clarity on how the tabulation process was moving forward and also enquired into some audio challenges.

But APNU+AFC tabulation agent Daniel Seeram insisted that there was no Coalition representative present when the inquiries were being made in the tabulation room.

He believes this reeks of suspicion.

APNU+AFC tabulation agent Daniel Seeram

Also commenting on the issue was President Candidate of the Liberty and Justice Party Lennox Shuman.

“We have been present here from when the gates were open. To besmirch the character of personnel who continue to conduct themselves with integrity is not only irresponsible, it is also very dangerous,” Shuman said.

He clarified that there has been no attempt at the tabulation of Statements of Recount Thursday morning as the IT personnel awaits the explicit guidance of the Commission spoken through the Chief Elections Officer, Keith Lowenfield.

“All parties that contested these elections have been represented in this room since it opened… to see this propaganda also making its way to Mr Granger’s Facebook page speaks volumes to the motives behind such commentary,” he added.

There has been no official comment from GECOM on these allegations.

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