Coaching education critical to moving forward, says Forde


President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne Forde, said Coaching education is a critical element in Guyana’s football making positive steps in the future.

Speaking on a wide range of issues recently, one of which was Coaching education, Forde touched on the steps the GFF will be taking to improve the competitiveness and quality of the Elite League and Association Leagues.

“The investment that is presently being made in Coaching education will continue to influence the quality of the players we are producing as is evident in our youth national teams’ international performances. However, what is critical but difficult, is to replicate the quality of Coaching that is taking place in the National teams’ programme, across Guyana,” Forde reasoned.

President of the Guyana Football Federation Wayne Forde

The GFF head pointed out that while the nationwide Academy Training Centres will help to fix such a problem, in order to really see the returns on the investments, more needed to be done in education coaches in every club in Guyana, from the hinterland to the coastland.

“Beyond the technical development programmes, infrastructure development, having the right tools and equipment, we need the coaches and administrators to be more committed to lifting the standard of football within their respective operational jurisdiction,” Forde said.

“The game itself is the best teacher. With that being said, is it extremely important to have football played consistently at all levels across the country. This is where the GFF will be focusing its attention and resources over the next four years. We will be working tirelessly to strengthen our existing partnerships and establish new partnerships to support a vibrant annual competition calendar.”

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