Jonas believes sinister plot afoot to claim he has COVID-19


Chairman of a New and United Guyana (ANUG) Timothy Jonas Friday afternoon denied claims that he was demonstrating respiratory symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

In a Facebook live, Jonas said he believes a sinister plot is afoot with these claims, pointing out his involvement in the ongoing national recount exercise.

The ANUG Chairman questioned whether there is an attempt being made to sideline people who may be an “inconvenience to authorities.”

He explained that having been at the Arthur Chung Conference Center on Thursday, where the recount is underway, he received a telephone call Friday morning from an official at the Ministry of Health that there was a report that he had respiratory symptoms.

He said he was advised to have a test done for Covid-19. According to Jonas, he told the official to put the information in writing and he later visited the Ministry to uplift the document which again informed him that he was reported to be demonstrating Covid-19 symptoms.

“This is amazing,” Jonas exclaimed while maintaining that he had no such symptoms.

He said he met a Cuban trained doctor at the Ministry whom he believes is an “honest hard-working man” and showed him that he had no symptoms but was, in turn, informed that some persons are asymptomatic.

Jonas is now questioning how he can be asymptomatic when the letter clearly states that he was demonstrating symptoms.

He intends to go to his own doctor to get an assessment and will respond to the Ministry of Health in that regard.

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