APNU+AFC says major ‘irregularities, discrepancies’ in March 2 elections


See full statement from the APNU+AFC below. 

APNU+AFC sees clear emerging pattern of PPP contamination of the March 2 elections

As the fifth day of the recount process has been completed, clear and unmistakable patterns of irregularities, discrepancies and worse have emerged.

The recount process has uncovered, among other things:
1. Countless instances of dead persons being recorded as voting exclusively in PPP strongholds.
2. Countless instances of persons who have long migrated from Guyana and who were not in Guyana on Election Day being recorded as voting.
3. Countless instances of persons who did not uplift their ID cards from GECOM for many years being recorded as voting in PPP stronghold areas but with no corresponding Oaths of Identity being found in the ballot boxes.
4. Countless instances of unsigned Oaths of Identity in PPP stronghold areas.
5. Numerous instances of votes for other parties being recorded for the PPP.
6. Numerous instances of missing poll books.
7. Numerous instances of ballots clearly cast for the APNU+AFC Coalition deemed as spoilt.
What is emerging, even at this early stage, is that there was a systematic effort by the PPP on Election Day to corrupt the electoral process and to fraudulently cause votes to be registered for that party while seeking to disqualify votes for the APNU+AFC Coalition.

This is an attack on the credibility of the electoral process by a single political party – the PPP – and its agents and co-conspirators.

The APNU+AFC reaffirms its commitment to the recount process as it is unmasking the PPP attempts to contaminate and rig the March 2, 2020 elections. The nation and the whole world are witness to this in real time via the livestreams.
The APNU+AFC is concerned that PPP officials, who are likely to have been involved in this rigging process on Election Day, are now presenting themselves to the media, conducting interviews and updates in a last gasp effort to ‘spin’, cover up and mislead the Guyanese public. We urge all stakeholders, including the diplomatic community and the observers to call on the PPP agents to desist from bold-facedly lying to the Guyanese people.

Further, we call on the diplomatic community, particularly the ABCE countries, to begin addressing their minds to revoking the visas of persons from the opposition PPP who are being exposed as the true riggers of the March 2nd election. This is especially relevant given that in the case where persons who have long migrated from Guyana are listed as having voted, many of these persons live in and are citizens of ABCE countries.

We call on all Guyanese to remain alert and not to succumb to the non-stop flow of PPP lies, spin and propaganda to which they have resorted in an attempt to mask their electioneering shenanigans.

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