Bodybuilding Federation eyeing December for senior championship


Executives of the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GABBFF) are slightly optimistic they can at least hold the senior national championship, possibly in December. That’s the word coming from the Federation’s President, Keavon Bess.

Initially, ‘Seniors’ was slated to be held in July as a precursor to the Central American and Caribbean Championships in Colombia in August.

However, with health precautions enforced to tackle the spread of the coronavirus, Bess anticipates both events will be cancelled.

Should the heath situation improve, Bess is hopeful they can still pull off the senior championship, possibly in December.

“Everything for us has more or less been put into shambles…to do the Seniors in July, as it is right now that also seems impossible and as it relates to the CAC Championships in Colombia from August 27-30, that also seems impossible.”

He added: “For the rest of 2020, it seems highly unlikely we will have a competition, but the federation is putting all resources in place to have Seniors 2020, even if it is on December 25, we are still trying to have the Seniors competition.”

The President indicated since gyms are closed as part of the precautionary measures, bodybuilders will be affected the most since ‘free-hand’ exercises alone won’t help to keep a chiselled physique.

“It is not enough to really have a bodybuilder prepare for a competition so obviously there has been a setback for those athletes as it relates to preparation. For those reasons, I think whenever we do another bodybuilding competition it might not necessarily be a competition to see who is the best, but rather more of a celebratory competition.”

Bess had indicated he foresees it will be difficult to gather the same amount of support from the private sector given the financial set back of COVID-19 on economies.

He further placed a reminder for athletes in need of care packages to contact the executives, since they are hampers prepared, compliments of the Guyana Olympic Association.

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