‘Wrongdoing can only impact elections results if there is evidence’ – Alexander


Observations of dead and migrated persons voting in the March 02, 2020 elections will only have an impact on the results of the recount process if those making the observation can provide the evidence.

This is according to APNU+AFC nominated Commissioner of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Vincent Alexander who said that not only would the evidence of wrongdoings have to be provided but it will have to be provided in the magnitude to prove that it had some impact on the final declaration.

Alexander told reporters Monday that while the Commission is still deliberating on these allegations, if it is found not to be true, it will, in turn, have no bearing on the process.

“For example, you have an election with a country where the difference is 20, 40 votes and the wrongdoing is 80 votes then there is a serious problem because the wrongdoing exceeds the difference and could impact the elections,” he said.

Alexander said it is his considered view that not all acts of wrongdoing can impact results, only if it is presented in the magnitude that it should.

“If objections are made without evidence those objections will have no impact on the process,” Alexander said explaining that evidence to be considered in the claims of dead and migrated persons voting would be death certificates and migration records, respectively.

“At the end of the day I know if it is not true it will have no impact,” Alexander added.

Alexander also said if persons who were registered as staff of GECOM are found to have colluded in the alleged wrongdoing, once proven they should be blacklisted from any further employment with GECOM.

He said he will personally call for the blacklisting of GECOM staff who are found wanting in this regard.

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