311 ballot boxes counted in first week of recount


At the end of day seven of the national recount process, a total of 48 boxes were counted bringing the overall total to 311 thus far.

Public Relations Officer of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Yolanda Ward said 12 boxes were counted for Region One, nine for Region Two, 12 for Region Three and 15 for Region Four at the end of day seven,

There are 2,339 ballot boxes to be counted from the March 2 elections.

The votes are being tabulated at the end of each day but the tabulation process which started daily on Thursday is not yet on par with the recount.

According to Ward, 288 Statements of Recount were tabulated for General Elections and 285 for Regional thus far.

With an estimated 2-3 hours being taken by work stations to complete one ballot box, GECOM on Tuesday met and looked at a number of ways to speed up the recount process.

Among those proposals is a possible increase in the number of recount stations and the removal of certain unnecessary procedures during the recount.

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