COVID-19 Task Force tells GECOM ‘otherwise engaged’ on request for visit – Gunraj


A decision to move ahead with additional stations in the ongoing recount exercise by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) hangs in the balance as the national electoral body awaits permission from the National COVID-19 Task Force.

According to one GECOM Commissioner, the Commission is ready to put in place new counting stations so that the recount process can move faster but those intentions are being stalled by the Task Force.

People’s Progressive Party nominated Commissioner Sase Gunraj told reporters on Wednesday that GECOM was expecting members of the “highly political” Task Force to visit the Arthur Chung Conference Center to scope the premises and decide whether additional stations can be added in compliance with existing restrictions.

Gunraj said his suspicions of the Task Force were borne out when GECOM was informed by the Task Force, which is headed by high ranking members of the incumbent, that it was otherwise engaged.

Gunraj said the visit Wednesday would have allowed GECOM to finalise its decision with implementation to commence as early as Thursday.

“We have a Task Force that is comprised of people seeking office from the process and their presence there can affect any objective consideration of issues,” he added.

Gunraj said the delay in the visit from the Task Force has also led to other delays with several meeting slated to be held after.

“…the meeting was not possible as a consequence of the first meeting not going on.”

Gunraj said he remains hopeful even though the Task Force’s previous actions and recommendations in the recount process remain questionable.

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