Ferreira-James among Bartica’s Wall of Fame inductees


The Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has extended congratulations to the sports personalities honoured by the Bartica Mayor and Town Council (M&TC), especially former footballers and administrators.

This list was revealed by the Bartica M&TC and established on the Sports Wall of Fame established at the Bartica Community Centre Ground in observance of the Council’s fourth anniversary as a Town.

In a congratulatory message, GFF’s President Wayne Forde said football has been served well by the inductees: “I’m very pleased to offer my congratulations to the inaugural inductees of the Bartica Sports Wall of Fame on behalf of the Executive Body and Guyana football fraternity. I’m particularly overjoyed to see former footballers, referees and football administrators included in the list. These persons have not only played the beautiful game with an unparalleled passion and resolve but have served and, in some instances, continue to serve with distinction. Their hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed and indeed are worthy of emulation.”

President of the Guyana Football Federation Wayne Forde

He lauded the initiative and said it serves as a critical influence for the current and future generations.

“Bartica has a rich history of sports and outstanding sports personalities and thus, it is indeed commendable of the Bartica M&TC to have honoured its sports heroes, including footballers, who have made an indelible mark on the community and country, many of them having worn national colours. In a generation of competing interests for our young people, the highlighting of these persons serves as a great reminder that it matters not where you come from but there is a hero in each one of us; we just have to reach inside and manifest that which is already there.”

Among the 10 personalities honoured are former footballers Christopher George, Neil Hernandez, Mark Smith, Brian Tracey, Terrence Archer and Vibert De Freitas, as well as former footballer and coach Calmeth Younge and former footballer, cricketer and FIFA Referee Diane Ferreira-James.

The Sports Wall of Fame has been established to educate the community about their heroes and honour personalities who have served both nationally and internationally.

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