OAS maintains Mingo’s figures ‘fictitious’; says recount proves this to be true


In fresh preliminary statements on Guyana’s still incomplete March 02, 2020 elections, the Organization of American States (OAS) is maintaining that the declaration of the results for District #4 by Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo did not meet established standards for transparency and credibility.

Head of the OAS Observer Mission to Guyana’s elections, Bruce Golding said while the OAS is yet to release its final report, he believes that the figures contained in Mingo’s declaration for district #4, which gives the incumbent APNU+AFC coalition a victory, were fictitious.

The former Jamaican Prime Minister said the OAS mission of 17 experts were on the ground and saw firsthand the issues that arose during the tabulation of District #4 Statement of Polls (SOPs) which now taints the overall process.

“I have never seen a more transparent effort to alter the results of an elections. More than a dozen copies of the Statements of Poll are prepared at each polling stations after the ballots are counted… it takes an extraordinary and courageous mind to present fictitious numbers when such a sturdy paper trail exists,” Golding commented.

Speaking during a Youtube live on Wednesday, Golding said claims of Mingo’s produced figures are significantly different from the SOPs are being illustrated daily during the ongoing recount of all votes cast in the March 02, 2020 elections.

To make his case, Golding pointed to several ballot boxes already processed in the recount exercise which he said clearly shows that Mingo’s figures were increased in favour of the incumbent APNU+AFC.

He singled out box #4062 explaining that on elections night, the SOP recorded 182 votes for APNU+AFC and 43 votes for the PPP. He said Mingo’s declared figures were increased to 292 for the coalition and decreased to 33 for the PPP.

Golding said the recount now records figures exactly as those recorded on elections night.

He also pointed to ballot boxes #4063 and $4074 where again numbers were increased for the APNU+AFC and decreased for the PPP in Mingo’s declaration.

Golding explained that with 81 boxes already recounted for District #4, in 20 of those boxes the PPP’s votes were decreased and the APNU+AFC votes increased significantly according to Mingo’s figures.

Golding said the OAS stands by its earlier statement made on March 14 when its team departed Guyana that the process by Mingo did not meet the standards for fairness and transparency and are unlikely to lead to credible results.

The OAS remained closely engaged in the still incomplete electoral process, maintaining that polls on March 2 were transparent and orderly.

While there is no final report, the OAS have observers on the ground observing the recount process and committed to seeing the process to the end.

Golding said so far the recount is seen as transparent and credible and commended the Guyana Election’s Commission on this front.

Also commenting was on the live broadcast was Guyana Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the OAS, Riyad Insanally who echoed sentiments that the March 2 elections were seen as free, fair and orderly.

He acknowledged events that led to a delay in the final declaration but asserted that there was no break down in the rule of law or public order in Guyana.

He reminded of President David Granger’s stated intention to accept the declaration by GECOM and said Guyana is a democracy and intends to remain so.


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